Instafriday…a week in 5 pictures

I am not entirely sure what has happened but my phone will not download pictures directly through its USB port so I am stuck with using my Google backup.  Not a terrible thing but I can’t tell exactly what picture is what so I chose 5 randomly.

If you backup your files (which you should) Google backup isn’t bad at all.  Sure there’s a zillion hanging out but at least if something happens to my phone, I’m covered.

1. Fresh from a bath and watching Mickey.


2. Gooo Kings!  Quite possibly the most boring game I have ever been too.  Seriously even the dancers were lame.  How can scantily clad ladies gyrating to music be bad?


3. Everyone passed out early so I sat down with ice cream and Downton Abbey.  Talked with my mom about it yesterday and we both agree that it is a very calming show, seriously its like the zen of all shows.


4. Tre received a Powerwheels Jeep for Christmas.  It has been at grandma’s house since then and they got the flu so we steered clear (pun intended).  Finally after 3 weeks we visited grandma and walked it back to our house.  Good news: we made it.  Bad news: he doesn’t steer.


5.  This morning…my room is cold.  I think the window is crappy and thus I woke up in a cocoon of warmth and didn’t want to move so I took this picture before I braved the elements, made breakfast and wrote this post.


Happy Friday ya’ll!

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One Response to Instafriday…a week in 5 pictures

  1. Barbara says:

    Ice cream and Downtown Abbey sounds like my idea of a perfect evening. I hope you had a good weekend.

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